January 9th, 2015

This week has been unique for me. I am laser focused on workouts that are strictly at home. These will be strictly on the strenght side. IN order to increase resistance and gain muscle I got a weight vest that weighs about 20 pounds. I will not be use these exercises for the whole of the routine, but for the next couple weeks this will be it.

Most of the time I will be concentrating on jumping, perhaps doing leaping exercises while imaging spiking. These types of exercises will hopefully increase my ability to go higher in the air. After a couple of weeks I will go back to building up the muscles needed for jumping. I may do this once a week and continue cardio for the rest of the week.


When exercising with my weight vest I did depth jumps. This is a jump that uses two platforms. One taller than the other. The person jumps off the smaller platforms and then with mustering all your strength the person jumps to the taller of the two. I do this particular thing for 15 minutes, there abouts. To get the maximum result I will bend my knees so that I am lower than I normally would be, This way I can ‘feel the burn’ that athletes talk about.

My next exercise will again use the weight vest when doing frog jumps. I set a distance on the floor so that I will jump from one side to the other. Ready for it? The distance from one point to the other will be greater than 6 feet. It looked good to my ego, but the burn in my legs came quick. I did this for a total of 15 minutes.

Last but not least, again with the weight vest, I will attempt doing squat jumps. Yup, you do it exactly like it sounds. You squat down and jump vertically as high as you are able. Needles to say that after the last exercise there was not a lot of gas in the tank. I still managed to do it for 15 minutes. Go me!

Week 2 Summary:

Depth Jumps for 15 minutes managing 42 jumps

Frog Jumps for 15 minutes doing 56 jumps

Squat Jumps again 15 minutes lasting 71 jumps

Weight lost 2 1/2 pounds

I am able to jump ½ inch higher

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