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December 19, 2014

Starting My Journey

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Hello interwebs! My name is Chas and I am 40ish and trying to slim down. In my younger days (did I just really write that?) I played volleyball. I played it off and on through the years. However, I have always had a weakness from the standpoint of spiking.

I could not jump very high and especially when trying to spike! I am 5’9″ and there is a definite struggle to get over the top of the net. During my late 20’s, when I actually had to have some type of employment, I became a veritable couch potato. I was either to tired or to stressed out.

Let’s face it, I was lazy! There was the occasional pickup game with friends, but that was about it. I could tell that my skills were getting rusty and that I had to actually do more to stretch my body. Then, like a ton of bricks it hit me! During a pickup game there was a woman I wanted to impress.

Its always a woman am I right? I started to realize that i had to ‘Up my game’. I started to look into ways to improve my jumping skill. The more I get into it the better I feel and start to look. Its time to shed the couch potato and get the girl!

The more I exercise and improve my skills I have started to realize that maybe more people would be inspired by my example. Instead of “magic pills” or quick sometimes dangerous fixes, people can be inspired to work on the simple basic things, doing something they genuinely enjoy and improve their fitness!

Don’t see your passion as a roadblock. Realize that when you do something that you are passionate about, such as the commitment to a healthy new you its easier to get to. So get into that sport you enjoy, whether it be golf, tennis, or swimming.

Do you see the people who do it on occasion or when the mood strikes them? I had been guilty of it with rugby. It is a far more demanding physically and mentally than the other sports I mentioned. Just because you participate every once in a while does mean you will lose weight.

Anyway, there are always techniques and skill sets to develop that will improve your game. There is a difference between a duffer and someone with a perfect swing in golf. When swimming a person who can double back will enjoy swimming laps more than stopping their stroke and turning around.

In volleyball it helps to be able to jump higher and faster, both to spike the ball and to block spiked balls.

This blog will be both an online journal and a progress report. It will log both the exercises done as well as other things that come up. It will hopefully inspire others to take part in activities they enjoy and become fit. At the moment I am 5’9″ and around 200 pounds.

One of my goals is to lose weight and of course to be able to jump higher! Next week I will give an update on what I am doing.

P.S. I am not trying to promote the sales of other products. Just being a fellow traveler on the way to getting fit.
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